All of your basic plumbing needs, including:
  • clogged drains
  • fixture and faucet leaks
  • jammed garburators
  • frozen and/or broken pipes

Kitchen and bathroom renovations:

  • update your cabinetry
  • replace fixtures and faucets
  • general improvement to your two most used rooms

A note about Renovations:

Updating the appearance and functionality of your kitchen and bath rooms can breathe a new freshness into your whole home, so get ready! These rooms face seemingly endless foot traffic, moisture and activity often for decades and will eventually show their age and wear (as should be expected!). The positive effects on your home and spirit that come with these renovations are only the beginning - there are positive environmental impacts as well. Pretty Plumbing encourages the replacement of older, outdated fixtures with energy efficient and water saving new ones, as a combined effort in the conservation of our water and energy resources. Not only will you be contributing to the preservation of our environment, but Pretty Plumbing will help you further by ensuring responsible removal and recycling of your old fixtures and materials to the best of our abilities as well. All this AND you may lessen some of your bills??? What's the catch?

There is none - everyone wins!

Please contact the Pretty Plumbing Co. to arrange a quote tailored for your particular renovation and needs.


BAD down the garburator:

celery (anything with strong strings)
bones of any kind
fruit pits or anything similar

Lillian Baumbach Jacobs

The first woman Master Plumber - she became certified in 1951 and became known throughtout the world as the Pretty Plumber!

Read some great articles about her on the Baumbach family website...

the Pretty Plumber